Friday, May 8, 2009


THIS IS AN OFF SUBJECT BULLETIN: Let me throw my two cent worth in here. In my mind there is no limit to how shallow liberals can be. Protect New York City from what! Sure the trial is going to go on and definitely will be protected.
But, it is the roll of the dice and is opening up a can of worms. Can New York City protect every store, hotel, mall, rail road, and on and on like in Tel Aviv. Why invite the unknown, lets just hope my extreme caution is just pesky nonsense.

For some reason those two subjects just won’t get out of the limelight. For some reason the liberals just won’t let go and let sleeping dogs lie. They just keep fueling the fire and boiling this dirty linen in public when matter like this should be settled at the highest levels behind closed doors.

I can’t predict the future and no one can, but I think there is an even chance this sleeping dog may end up biting a bunch of liberals. When I turn on the TV all I hear is Gitmo, Gitmo, all day long. For me to meddle in an issues of this type is unpredictable and may even be dangerous, but, as a writer I just couldn’t take it any longer, I just had to put pen to paper, so be it.

Now, here is my ounce of wisdom, you can take it with a grain of salt or you can take it to the bank. As I kick back in my recliner and listen to the liberals and others talk, the main thing they are focusing on is how secure the maximum security prisons are and that nobody has ever escaped.

They are not even in the ballpark on the danger of closing Gitmo and bringing those prisoners here. Of course, I’m not one bit surprised because I think most liberals are shallow and lack real wisdom. In fact it is not just the liberals, the welfare state has made nearly 90 percent of the American population shallow and hype prone, over a hundred million people voted for the American idol winner.

The mostly liberal media is so bias against anything conservative that they wouldn’t tell you even if they did see a closing Gitmo threat, which they don’t. Very few Americans actually see the big picture here. I may be wrong but I believe if Gitmo is closed and those people are brought here on American soil we will have a whole new ball game.

I believe this whole life or death struggle we are locked in will be ratcheted up several notches. Let’s just say one member of a family clan is being held for whatever reason and the rest of the family members know where he is being held, do you think the rest of the family is going to forget him and stay far, far away?

No, we are dealing with people that has no fear of death, and I will bet they will create moles and try to get as close as possible. I don’t know what will happen and no on does but you can rest assured if you put those people here on American soil the sky will be the limit. I’m just one lone writer expressing my grave concerns.

Gitmo is on an island surrounded by water which makes it extremely hard to get to, plus it is not even our territory. But, all of that will change if you bring those people here on the North American mainland. If the ante is raised by bringing those people here on American soil, nothing may not happen, but, we better be prepared to guard our malls and everything else like never before.

Folks, I’m a self-made writer and great thinker, I’m not even right half of the time, and I may be just making a mountain out of a mole hill. So, never mind me, just go on about your business and forget you even read this article. Phil. 4-13 I can do all things through God which strengthens me.
FREDDIE L. SIRMANS, SR’S LOG: 14 MAY 2009, 1215 HOURSAs I have said before a “Welfare State” is the most dangerous and destructive form of government to ever exist in the history of civilization. No other form of government exist that will completely rip the nuclear family system apart and make it impossible for that society to survive long term.

It destroys the sense of self-responsibility and accountability in people, it kills a strong survival instinct and lulls people into a love, love false sense of security, and then drives the final nail in by breeding people that is asleep and don’t have the character or judgment to recognize a moral or any other threat until the wolf is at the door.

The following are the things every society must have to survive and it destroys every last one of them. There is very little left of our once strong nuclear and extended family system, especially among African Americans, you can now wipe the floor with our once strong morals and values code, and our once breadbasket Midwest small farmers along with the rest of the nation’s small farmers and home gardeners that got us through the great depression is long gone.

We have almost no emergency fallback bartering capacity to keep this nation alive during a calamity. We as a people are at freedoms death door and it is so sad that still far too many people are more concerned about who is starring in Hollywood. I believe the government need to snap out of its denial, face reality and start planning how to survive through an inevitable collapse.

The nation needs to start planning masses of food kitchens, masses of food shelter programs, masses of medical clinics, and when that is completed junk the minimum wage and cut all taxes to the bone across the board. Then, the free market place will save itself and the country, too, if the government as designed will stays with protecting the country and let the economy sinks or swims on its own. No one wants this solution, but reality is reality.

This way, at least we will be in control, and even then we will have only a fighting chance to save our nation and freedom. Folks, I’m a writer and I write what I think and believe, no one has to believed me or take me serious. In truth, I, myself, hope I’m wrong on what I think.

Of course, I don’t expect the powers that be to even consider a hard decision like this; they will continue to take the liberal course of least resistance. I expect the powers that be to make deals around the world and finish selling off what little is left of the soul of America.

A lot of good citizens look at the condition of America and wonder when and where did we go wrong. I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. will tell you when we the citizens lost control of this great country. It was around eighty years ago when we allowed the government to seize the traditional nuclear family provider role for itself.

You see, whoever is in the provider role is the boss and calls the shots. Instead of going into a lot of elaborating I will just get to the point. What started off initially as a small “New Deal” provider baby has over time grown into this huge monster size welfare state beast. Now the appetite of this ferocious beast is gobbling up every tax dollar or any other dollar that it can seize.

I believe it is futile and we are deluding ourselves to think we can save our economy and freedom as long as this beast is in the social and family provider role. This beast favors low values and loose morals and sees self-sufficiency as a threat to its power and that will not be tolerated.

We have this beast loose upon the land with unlimited taxing power, and that means no one in this country is safe from unreasonable taxes. Unless this beast is neutered and downsized out of its super provider role I think trying to save the economy and the country is a waste of time and resources. God save America.

I don’t know how it is done, but, I believe the book selling world has an unwritten rule that prevents books by an extreme conservative neurotic like me from being sold. I can’t prove it but I feel there may be a hidden hand somewhere preventing me from selling more books. Sure, some of the grammar is crude and incorrect to some degree, still the people should make that choice.

I believe a super great thinker and writer like me deserve to be selling books in the thousands. Now! Take that unwritten rule! Invisible hand! The name Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. is out there, it is all over the internet. No one can convince me that there is not an opposing force that doesn’t want it known what is in Freddie L. Sirmans’ Books.

If nothing else, someone is going to buy just to see what is going on. Just because I’m saying it doesn’t mean nothing is there. Just because someone is paranoid doesn’t mean they are not in danger. Believe it or not, paranoid people live longer. There is no one alive today that better articulates in simple terms the inner working of how an economy should work.

I lay it out so simple that even an idiot can understand it. However, history has proven that one of the hardest things there is is to keep a genuine good man down. There is a destiny reason why a poor neurotic uneducated South Georgia USA country boy can reach out and grab the imaginary reins of the U.S. Economy, yank back and yell “Whoa” before it goes over the cliff. Praise be to God. Amen.

A word of knowledge to any conservative with his head above the crowd, the liberals may come after you with extra venom because of misplaced aggression. I’m the wanted target but that is out of the question. No liberal is going to make famous in their minds a nobody neurotic nut case. I have no hate or dislike for liberals in fact I think they are great Americans, but shallow and shouldn’t control our destiny.

I consider myself a realist not a conservative. I love my country and as long as I have the freedom to write my views I’m going to say what I believe to be best for the long term survival of my country. I believe great character and good judgment goes hand in hand. And I believe great or good character can only come from some form of real or imposed struggle in life.

It is not just the liberals that lack the character to make sound judgment; we can’t put all of the blame for the destruction of our culture and nuclear family system on them. I may be screwed up and unknown, but the liberals know I’m a deadly threat because I am striking at the heart of their false God, the "Welfare State." And in their eyes anyone that does that with a wallop is a mortal enemy.

I keep pounding body blows to their soft underbelly and sooner or later it’s going to tally. The liberals know this and are counter punching by going after any high profile conservative they can sink their teeth in. This misdirected aggression is only going to increase. They won’t dare focus attention on me because they feel the less people know what I’m writing the better.

My writing is based on logic and common sense and just like the saying goes, “The proof of the pudding is in the eating. And in this case The proof of the writing is in the reading." Throughout nature and survival there will always be an exception to everything. Having said that, anyone with genuine sound character and judgment will by instinct know that abortions and gay marriages are a threat to long term survival.

Exceptions are part of nature and those that are affected should be loved and respected, but a spade is a spade no matter what political correction says. I will say that less than five percent of the entire U.S. Population has the judgment today to even believe how close this nation is to total destruction as a free people. I have no need or desire to try to scare anyone, but as a writer I have a duty to share my wisdom and knowledge if it will help save this great nation.

I see a dire future, but the future is never set in stone, man always has the ability to determine his own future by his own actions.

PS: We have here high drama, stay tuned. You don't want to miss anything.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Where do most citizen tax payers get their money, from their small business employers? Where do all businesses get their money, from citizen customers, some of which they themselves employ. As you can see the economy operates as a giant cycle

Human energy and intelligence creating something of value in the form of food and resources is what keeps this cycle going. And the rewarding byproduct of the whole process is what's called profit. That is what government takes, all taxes ultimately comes from some form of profit.

Sure, government needs a certain amount of profit driven tax money to protect the nation from both foreign and domestic enemies and basic interior needs. But, the USA government was never designed to be a cradle to grave social and family provider.

Now, big government at all levels is taking far too much of small businesses profit for many of them to survive let alone hire anyone. And you gonna tell me mass tax cuts to the bone is not the answer, go fly a kite!!!

I'm over whelmed sometimes as a writer to just take a moment to examine who I am or what I am about To others my whole personality is almost totally misunderstood like a facade Even those close to me misunderstand why I am a loner or keep mostly to myself no matter the reason I tell them।

Human beings are by nature social creatures and any time they are not it is because of fear, guilt, or shame somewhere in their past. There are some thing's in life that can only be understood from personal experience. I experiences the high joys and happiness's a lot, but, I believe I have had more than my share of the emotional pain and despair lows.

I'm a very spiritual person that doesn't practice religion as much as I should, there is a difference. Improvement is admitted. However, as I get older, more and more I'm beginning to think that those that say "God has a purpose for each of us" has a point. I believe in life nothing is completely free, there is some price for everything we do.

I don't have the answer, but I do know I have paid a very heavy mental price practical all of my life. And I wonder why, why oh Lord. I would never wish my lifetime mental struggles on anyone even though it has rewarded me with almost super natural wisdom. Maybe there is something to this thing called "Destiny."

You can think anything you please about my state of mind because I know it is impossible for anyone to go insane as long as he/she can show love and forgiveness to all no matter how he is treated in return. Yet, I still don't understand why would an uneducated handicapped neurotic like me be given so much raw wisdom and power by destiny. Yes, power to influence because you are now reading this. God I ask in your name save this USA great nation, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

PS: With love to you always from me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. himself, who has bared his inner soul. Thank you.


Thursday, March 26, 2009






Folks, I’m here to tell you, I don’t think the American people realize the dire circumstance we are dealing with. We are dealing with a welfare state beast with almost total power. It didn’t take this power; the American voters kept voting the same pie in the sky liberals back into office.

This welfare state beast has tasted the power of being a super provider and now it will never give up even one inch. And you couple that with an almost unlimited power to tax, then you have a beast that has the power to take whatever it pleases. So, I’m forewarning you, you just watch, this beast is not going to let the constitution or any law stop it from having its way.

First, unless we de-claw and destroy this beast while we still can, we the American people might as well kiss our freedom and country goodbye. I’m telling you, this beast has almost total power and its going to boil down to it or us. Right now this beast is only flexing its muscles, you wait, you haven’t seen anything, yet. Anywhere there is money in this country it is only a matter of time before this beast finds a way to take it.

So, I’m telling you this beast must be taken down now before it obtains absolute power. If we wait, you just watch, it is going to chew up the five freedoms in the constitution and spit them out. Oh mighty God I ask in your name, save the great United States of America.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I believe more and more people are viewing me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. as a great thinker. Myself, I certainly think I’m a great thinker even if no one else does. In the field of economics I haven’t studied or read hardly anything on the subject, but, about forty years ago I seen in a pamphlet that “All economies start with bartering.”

That was all it took for my great thinking ability to take it from there and understand how economics in its relationship to motivation in tune with the laws of nature like “Natural selection” played out. Even today almost everyone thinks America’s biggest problem is the economy, wrong. A bad or even a collapsed economy could never bring down a great nation with a strong culture and moral code in place.

The economy is just one leg of the human survival stool. The other three legs are number one, culture with good morals and values, number two, a strong nuclear family system, and number three, a minimum fall back emergency bartering capacity utilizing small farmers and home gardeners. The welfare state has destroyed all of that; all we have left is a sugar daddy welfare state with millions upon millions solely dependent on it for survival.

The Roman Empire lasted a thousand years and nothing since has even come close to that. Since the come about of fiat money around forty years ago culture has gotten lost in the shuffle, before then culture and values stayed on the front burner to keep nations and individuals living within their means. Culture is what really protects a nation and its way of life.

Fiat money has allowed the welfare state to corrupt our once strong culture and moral values to the point that now “If it feels good do it.” Someone with a super strong survival instinct like me belongs in the zoo or some place like that according to political correctness, how sad. It is never too late, we still have time to cut taxes to the bone and relearn to depend and rely on our self’s instead of big government.

Otherwise, mother nature is going to discipline us and it won’t be pretty, there may not be a one United States again, ever. God save the great United States of America.

Even Mother Nature herself is not out there just free wheeling it. Nature operates on set laws and principals with just a few we know of. Thanks to Darwin who was the first to recognize nature’s law of “Natural selection.” There is a natural law of “The survival of the strongest and the fittest.” And the “Tendency to take the course of least resistance” even applies to things like electricity.

However, there is nothing in nature completely absolute; there is an exception to everything. That is why in nature things will happen that seem impossible to the human mind. To the human mind even our existence itself is impossible. We are like human computers programmed with logic, we are boxed in with our intelligence limited to only logic. With only logic it is impossible for us to ever understand our existence.

Logically speaking there must be a God, a superior being, or infinite levels of intelligence. Sorry, I just got a little carried away in my brainstorming.

Before the “New Deal” started our welfare state the American people respected the laws of nature. They knew one rotten apple would spoil the barrel. People don’t think of it that way but that old saying is really a law of nature. How can the United States think it can prosper when it ignores so many of the laws of nature? If one doesn’t pay for his own sins we all will end up paying like the rest of the apples in a barrel.

Saturday, February 28, 2009


In one of my book almost twenty years ago in jest I gave this simple solution for dealing with illegal drugs, change the currency. But now, it presents a greater opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Most street transactions for illegal drugs are twenty dollars or less. So, why not just phase out the 5, 10, and 20 dollar paper bills, with 5, 10, and 20 dollar coins with their value in itself in precious metals.

It would be the wisest thing this government could do because the paper dollar is going to become worthless anyway. Sure, it would be a terrible inconvenience for businesses, but a nightmare for drug dealers trying to hide their illegal profits. Besides, most people use checks, debit cards, or credit cards anyway. However, I don’t expect this tactic to be taken seriously, I just felt like doing a little brainstorming anyway, who knows, it may provoke thoughts to a real solution.Originally all currency had its value in itself. The currency consisted of precious metals like gold and silver. With the price of copper today a pure copper penny would certainly be worth more than one cent. If the value of our money was in the money itself the welfare state couldn’t just inflate the people’s wealth out of existence.

Anyone holding paper that represents wealth may not be wealthy six months from today the way things seems to be headed. Laws or anything else on paper are no stronger than the culture and moral values backing them up. I’m telling you now our welfare state beast is master and no law or anything else is going to stop politicians from feeding this beast.

The real solution is to starve this beast to death, it lives on tax money, but, it may too late now half of the country wants this beast to live and take care of them. Who knows, I may be the same as David but with a pen.

Like the movie when the villain comes out of the computer into real life, it seems the government has stolen the kid’s monopoly game and took their money. What is the difference? The government now just prints money as it sees fit; money no longer represents spent human energy resulting from blood, sweat, and tears.

If the government wants to buy park place or boardwalk it just prints what it need and make the purchase. We all know monopoly is a make believe kids game, but now it has come out of fantasy land into real life in terms of U.S. currency.

When will we wake up from this dream? My God! Stop, stop the tape! Let’s snap out of this insanity! Doesn’t anyone have an ounce of wisdom anymore? “Send in the clowns." Hallelujah! Long live the king! The show is over, let’s go home. Is this fact or fiction? The end is near.

PS: Folks, in case you are wondering about my sanity, I know a guaranteed way how not to ever go off the deep end and lose touch with reality. Never forget that it is impossible for anyone to go crazy or insane as long as he can genuine love and forgive others, no matter how he is treated in return, I can. Yours truly, by Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.

I heard this question the other day; will they ever address Washington’s spending? I decided to give my answer to that question, my answer is no. This is my reasoning on why, there is no limit to man’s desires and self-interest, but, there is always a physical barrier somewhere to stop him. The gold standard done that! The gold standard was the physical barrier that disciplined a nation by purging out anti-survival threats to the culture and moral values.

The thing that very few today has the wisdom to understand is money is not the thing that determines whether a nation survives or perishes. Peoples and societies survived for thousands of years even before money was invented and even through the great depression when very few people had any. The liberals could never have destroyed this nation before the new deal and social programs begin because the culture and moral values were much too strong, their frontier like spirit wouldn’t have put up with it.

No, the free handout to buy vote had to first corrupt the nations culture, morals, and family values first. Now, the liberals have the power for the take down! I think far too many people are too shallow to recognize a moral or survival threat when they see it. The wolf is at the door and most people don’t even know it, their faith is in uncle sugar.

I understand why people think I don’t care when I call for draconian tax cuts and eliminating farm subsidies. That is because I have the wisdom to know beyond a shadow of doubt that the people must relearn to depend on themselves for this nation to survive. Mass tax cuts across the board would restore our culture, morals, and family values. No amount of money is going to save this nation. Only forced relearning to survive on our own as individual units is going to do that.

God save this great nation, it is in your hand.

Saturday, February 14, 2009


A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” Well, I could be wrong, but I suspect at some point soon the liberals will find that “Hell has no fury like a free press waking up and seeing the light.” I suspect the “Free press” is among the living and still wants to survive, too. The coffee sure smells great.

The biggest misconception that almost everyone including economist have today is the government can manage a successful economy, false. Government never has and never will be able to manage a successful economy that can feed its entire people. There is a tried and true economical ideology that have proven time after time that it always work, except for one thing, the government has to get the hell out of the way and stay the hell out of the way.

That ideology is “allow free competition and let the free market place work.” That ideology will always work and produce more food than the country can eat and an abundance of everything else. The reason governments will never be able to manage a successful economy is there is just too many variables and many of them are subjective.

To name just a few of the many variables that will derail a successful economy, they are, who you know, who gets hurt, who has power, and who is under the desk, stop, disregard that last one, how did that get in there? When allowed to “A genuine free market place” will use a natural selection process better known as supply and demand to create a balance between the merchant and the consumer. The natural selection process is not hindered by subjective feeling and emotions and will weed out waste, inefficiency, and unproductively.

However, government management is just the opposite, it is all about favoritism thereby rewarding the inefficient and unproductive. To sum it up, government should stay with what it does best, collect taxes due and protect the country. If left alone the merchants and consumes will adhere to a natural selection process and untold wealth will be produced by entrepreneurs for all. It is not the amount of money that counts it is the buying power that counts; under the gold standard $5.00 in the past would buy more than fifty dollars today.

There is a reason why most of the world is poor and will always be poor, the government has the power and the gun and will not stay out of the way. Sure, the poor will always need help, but that should be the role of the nuclear family, the extended family, the church, and social organizations. Amen brother.

Me, I’ve never pretended to be unbiased. I classify myself to be a realist, or even an extremist throwback. In my personal opinion I view liberals with total power like a kid behind the wheel, and even scarier is they are now in charge of the candy store. I believe that the only thing that truly matters to them is feeding the “Welfare state beast” that they have created along with some liberal republicans. It is to hell with the survival of the country or anything else.

It is not because they don’t give a damn. They really do care; they are genuine bleeding hearts with other people’s money. I love all people including liberals, they are good Americans, and truly mean well. It’s just that they are shallow and don’t know it due to the lack of any true life or death survival struggle. It's not all their fault, the welfare state breeds them. I just don’t believe liberals have the depth or wisdom to handle total power.

For years the liberals have been experts at shifting and placing blame. Now, all you hear is bipartisanship. The reason is the liberals know that their shell game without the pea will be exposed if they go it alone. That's what all of the bipartisanship ruckus is about. They don’t need but two or three liberals from the opposition that they can easily pick up, but, oh no, there must be bipartisanship. If they thought the voter would buy their raw exposed ideology they would gladly go it alone.
A hundred years ago probably the only place you could find a liberal would be in a rich family or maybe on a collage campus. Today liberals run academia and control most institutions in America. God save America.

From time to time through out history individuals and nations has had to rediscover a basic law of nature, that law is “There are no free rides ultimately someone always pay one way or another.” Life can become unrealistic in terms of dreams, fantasies, eliminating all pain and suffering and on and on, but the one thing that always brings us back to ground is cold steel reality. sometimes pain and suffering is the only thing that will get people's attention.

Without some hardship along with pain and suffering we all would lose sight of reality and self destruct. With this global economy nonsense it looks like the whole world is going to have to rediscovery this basic law of nature. However, it looks like the liberals in America are getting everything they can while the getting is good as if there is no tomorrow.

After years of running their shell game successful the liberals have finally hit the jack pot. They have created enough “Expecting something for nothing dependent minded voter” to get almost everything they want. It does look like the Lib’s are now unstoppable, but, never forget that rock hard cold steel reality is lurking out there somewhere. There is no such thing as “Something for nothing” in this world. God save America.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


UPDATE: Anybody that thinks this new stimulus package is going to save us is in for a very rude awakening. All it is going to do is make the “Cost of living boogie man” angrier. It is going to be like adding a JTO (Jet assisted takeoff) bottle to the galloping cost of living and bring the buying power of the dollar down two extra notches. I believe nothing short of mass across the board tax cuts is going to save the dollar from being worth less than the paper it is printed on, eventually.

CAUTION: Stop! Don’t read this article! Take my advice! Trust me! You are going to read it anyway, so, do it at your own risk. I’m going to do some real thinking out loud here and it ain’t going to be pretty. I’m going to imagine what is in the heads of the economists running the whole show. These people are very intelligent with lot of knowledge on doing what they do.

These guys know that I’m probably right on saying the “galloping cost of living” is the real problem that is destroying the economy. But, just even mentioning that as a problem is taboo in economic circles. Just the thought of dealing with something like that will leave economist shaking in their boots because of the dreaded “D” word and that is the last thing they want to even mention.

The biggest difference between them and me is these guys think they can out smart and cheat Mother Nature, I don’t. They think they can put off the day of reckoning forever, I don’t. These people are not dumb, they know we can’t keep borrowing and printing worthless money but only so long. But they are in a state of denial with no one wanting to face or deal with the dreaded “D” word.

We are now almost down to day to day economical survival. The liberal with their created welfare state has produced millions upon millions of government dependents that can’t survive if the government runs out of cash, so the presses press on. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it can only end is disaster, yet the presses drone on. We are only following suit.

Never in history has a nation knowing it is headed toward disaster changed course. I’m telling you now the die is cast, the “Cost of living boogie man” and the dwindling buying power of the dollar can’t be ignored, and that is what’s taking this nation down. Deflation like any imaginary ogre is mostly a fa├žade, all one has to do is face it down and it will mostly go away on its own.

In fact deflation is nature’s way of bringing sanity and rebirth to a society when it is rotting away with moral and other kinds of decay. The smartest thing this government can do is face reality and prepare for the inevitable. I know its bitter medicine but if we want to survive it must be taken. Practical all farm subsidies should be eliminated to force people to learn how and start planting because survival always at some point boils down to having enough food to eat.

When deflation comes and believe me it is coming, it is going to be like a fast moving wild fire. We will have very little time and one last chance to prevent going back to the Stone Age. The last chance would be to have mass tax cuts across the board that would produce the necessary fire break to stop runaway deflation from destroying everything.

The government should be prepared to cut off all spending except internal and external defense, departments of treasure, interior, and one or two others. Provide soup kitchens, home shelters, hospitals, and other bare necessities, everyone else are on their own. That is why the nuclear family system is so important. I know my kind of thinking is extreme, outrageous, and out of the question, but when it comes to survival, to me nothing is out of the question.

Let just pray that I’m off my rocker and forget you read this. God save America