Monday, January 12, 2009


For well over fifteen years I have been hollering and screaming in the wiliness about the dangers of big government and the welfare state. Yet, I’m still seen as some kind of neurotic nut that should go away, but I haven’t, I’m still here trying to sound the alarm. I’m one of the few that have always seen the big picture.

Now, I’m beginning to hear the word “Depression” banded about. I got some news about that, a depression ain’t gonna happen, I believe we will zip right pass it to the next stage, the welfare state has closed off that option. What we could face is something unthinkable and far worse; we could face chaos and total collapse of civilization. That is because there is a world of difference between today’s society and US. Society back in 1929.

There were no big government and welfare state back in 1929. Back then our culture was healthy with a strong nuclear family system, we had a strong religious and moral code in place, we had many, many small farmers and home gardeners that gave a backup bartering capacity in case the economy collapsed. And almost no one was dependent on the government for anything.

Now, fast forward to today, big government and our welfare state has eliminated the need for all of the above proven means of survival that has allowed civilizations to exist for over five thousand years. Today millions upon millions of Americans are solely dependent on government for survival. Many of these people have never been conditioned to even think of depending on themselves for survival.

So, if our economy fails, the government will not be able to take care of all these people. They will be left with nothing and no initiative to survive on their own. These undisciplined people are not going to starve quietly. This is what our welfare state has done to this great, great predominant Christian nation. But, some way some how God can make a way out of no way.
US. TREASURE SUFFERS TUNNEL VISION!The reason modern economist will not solve our economical woes is tunnel vision. Wall Street and stock market stuff is important but is not the core reason for our collapsing economy. The true focus point and cancer that is destroying capitalism and this country is government interference and choking taxes on businesses. Everybody is focused on solving the Wall Street riddle, which have very little to do with the decline of our civilization.

Almost no one connects culture, the nuclear family, bartering capacity, and the economy all as one, that is why I say tunnel vision. I grieve about people losing money, but this is not about people losing money, this is about the survival of 300 million American lives and saving world civilization. History has proven that the free market place is far superior to any financial system known to man, and it will save millions and millions of lives if turned loose and set free.

The more government grabs power to try to financial get everyone into one life boat the more millions of lives it’s going to cost in the end. Cutting taxes and voiding regulations will untie the free market place and save us from doom, but it won’t be pretty because a free market place is all about self-effort and self-discipline. Otherwise, going the bigger government and socialism route is a pipe dream back to the stone age, God save our freedom.

My economic survival formula would bring manufacturing and jobs back to America in droves almost overnight and save us from doomsday, I'm serious as a heart attack, folks.
Congress should pass emergency laws eliminating practical all taxes on businesses. And the Supreme Court should issue a cease and desist order baring practical all government involvement in the free market place except collecting property taxes," then let the chip fall where they may." Now, that would be an extreme case scenario, so!

Under extreme conditions it takes extreme actions sometimes, at least the economy would survive. Otherwise, there is just too many variables, no one can figure out how to stop a total collapse, a half of a loaf is better than nothing. I’m all about solutions and problem solving, no one has to believe me or take me serious. I’m a writer folks, I only write what I think and believe.
WHO GIVES A DAMN IF THE RICH GET SHAFTED TAX WISE.I do, I care if the rich get shafted tax wise and I don’t believe I’m alone. I think this insane idea of paying for a tax cut is just plain hardcore communist and socialist thinking, period. I believe a private citizens property and money belongs to him not the government, sure, by law the government has the right to take its share for tax purpose, but that is not what liberals think, liberals believe everything belongs to the government and each citizen should be issued his share.

That is why liberals believe rich people are parasites and deserve to be relieved of their ill gotten wealth, how sad. The truth is there never has and never will be a rich and prosperous country without a lot of rich people to make it happen. There is an old unwritten rule in a democracy that says “You never create conditions where rich people cannot keep and hold on to their money.” In a democracy when the rich are no longer loyal it means trouble, who knows the liberals may not care.

The first thing socialist do when trying to take over a country is blame everything on the rich, and then pretend to be the great savior coming to the rescue. Poor people don’t hire and give other people jobs, so to me it only stands to reason that the more rich people we have the better off we all will be. Besides, rich people have almost unlimited resources to hire the best lawyers to hide, shelter, and squirrel their money out of the country. In the end it is going to be the middle class saddled with all of the coming new taxes.

To sum it all up, I think it is a dumb and dangerous idea to go after and shaft the rich tax wise.


  1. Interesting, Freddie. And, you are right, the first giant step toward socialism is in full swing; the divide and destroy tactic of class warfare is on, full bore.

  2. I wish I could be so optimistic! Unfortunately the vision I was given 36 years ago was not so pretty. There will be war!!

  3. Thank you for adding me in your BC friends' list, I added you back :)

    You have a nice corner here full of informative posts. Keep it up my friend ^_^

  4. A thought provoking post and very interesting.

  5. Interesting views here Freddie. thanks for your input.

  6. Its Corporate Welfare ... its all about the corporations that get the socialism and the welfare just like the banks ... you need to go back to kindergarten and study buddy. Always blaming the victim ... which paid corporate lobby do you belong to?

  7. Yes sir EuroYank! Thank God you and I still have the freedom of independent thought.

    Yes, I hear you, but, thank God I have the wisdom and common sense to know I am right beyond a shadow of doubt.

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