Sunday, April 26, 2009


Where do most citizen tax payers get their money, from their small business employers? Where do all businesses get their money, from citizen customers, some of which they themselves employ. As you can see the economy operates as a giant cycle

Human energy and intelligence creating something of value in the form of food and resources is what keeps this cycle going. And the rewarding byproduct of the whole process is what's called profit. That is what government takes, all taxes ultimately comes from some form of profit.

Sure, government needs a certain amount of profit driven tax money to protect the nation from both foreign and domestic enemies and basic interior needs. But, the USA government was never designed to be a cradle to grave social and family provider.

Now, big government at all levels is taking far too much of small businesses profit for many of them to survive let alone hire anyone. And you gonna tell me mass tax cuts to the bone is not the answer, go fly a kite!!!

I'm over whelmed sometimes as a writer to just take a moment to examine who I am or what I am about To others my whole personality is almost totally misunderstood like a facade Even those close to me misunderstand why I am a loner or keep mostly to myself no matter the reason I tell them।

Human beings are by nature social creatures and any time they are not it is because of fear, guilt, or shame somewhere in their past. There are some thing's in life that can only be understood from personal experience. I experiences the high joys and happiness's a lot, but, I believe I have had more than my share of the emotional pain and despair lows.

I'm a very spiritual person that doesn't practice religion as much as I should, there is a difference. Improvement is admitted. However, as I get older, more and more I'm beginning to think that those that say "God has a purpose for each of us" has a point. I believe in life nothing is completely free, there is some price for everything we do.

I don't have the answer, but I do know I have paid a very heavy mental price practical all of my life. And I wonder why, why oh Lord. I would never wish my lifetime mental struggles on anyone even though it has rewarded me with almost super natural wisdom. Maybe there is something to this thing called "Destiny."

You can think anything you please about my state of mind because I know it is impossible for anyone to go insane as long as he/she can show love and forgiveness to all no matter how he is treated in return. Yet, I still don't understand why would an uneducated handicapped neurotic like me be given so much raw wisdom and power by destiny. Yes, power to influence because you are now reading this. God I ask in your name save this USA great nation, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

PS: With love to you always from me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. himself, who has bared his inner soul. Thank you.



  1. Just dropping by to say hi. You have a nice post. I love reading it.

  2. America Is a great nation but its polices around the world for trying to domonate will be its undoin and the things you have said are true i feel the passion that you feel for your great nation as i do for my own

  3. Not on Obama's watch. Maybe. I feel hopeful with the new President, but I'm over in Australia, so what would I know?

  4. Mr Sirmans, I find it interesting that one moment in your blog you question the existence of God and the next you are asking Him to bless America!?

    Well, which is it? Do you or do you not believe?

    I believe that this is the single most important question each of us has answer during this short life on earth.

    I believe in God. I also believe that each of us had our conversation with God prior to birth. In that conversation we agreed to come here and do 1 single thing that God needed done.
    With that agreement comes the responsibility (once we get here) to remember our conversation and stand ready to do the thing we promised we would do.

    These are usually not very easy things for us to accomplish.

    I feel that people like the Rev.,Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr remembered his conversation.

    John F. Kennedy remembered his conversation.

    And so have millions of others that you and I have never heard of...but they have impacted our lives in ways we will probably never know.

    All-in-all, I believe that Because we live this entire life inside our brain anyway, the only reason we even have a body is so that God can live thru us and experience this life thru us.

    We do not need eyes to see because everything is processed and pictured in our brains. We do not need a nose to smell because all such sensory data is processed completely in our brain as well.

    So, lets get busy remembering our respective conversations with God, shall we, and leave this world a better place than we found it.

    Lynne Gordon

    1. Dear Lynne, thank you for you comment, just being in the arena and not just a by-stander means a lot

  5. You have strong opinions but need more facts to back them up.

    The ladies are beautiful but distracting on what appears to be a political blog.

    Be careful about seeing liberal and conservative as black and white. The Democratic Party is a big tent that had liberals, moderates and Blue Dog conservatives in it. The GOP appears to have a right and a center. Most of the business of government gets done in the center.

    1. Dear Rightardia, I don’t just criticize, I offer strong solutions, and I know the vast majority will never understand what I write. They have never paid the price in struggle and suffering that I have, one can’t truly understand what he/she has never experienced. Many have been injured or had bad thing happen to them, but later said they were glad it happened because it opened their eyes to things they couldn’t see before.