Monday, January 12, 2009


The cost of living that is galloping out of sight is the root cause that is taking the whole US. economy down, and dealing with anything else is just chasing wild gooses and buying time. The rider on this cost of living steed that is galloping out of sight is the black knight, ultra-high tax man.I think if the government really wants to help the poor and needy it should establish a commissary like system and use only tokens, then let the real economy sink or swim on its own merit in a free market place.

Once a commissary system is established then phase out food stamps and all social programs, that will solve the out of control cost of living problem. Just a little brainstorming.Since government is determining to stay a super sugar daddy family provider, at least a commissary style system would help save the US. Economy. Government giving out money and food stamps on an individuals basic is the only thing that drives the cost of living up, Government spending itself has no connection to the cost of living.

Enough money has to have a means to get to over priced merchants to keep driving prices higher and higher and increasing the cost of living on everyone, that link to higher and higher prices is fueled by government giving out money and food stamps on an individual basic. Yet. Don’t blame the merchants; the government got them bent over a barrel with ultra-high taxes.


The main problem with big government is everything it does is going to help or hurt someone. As a writer if I could wave a magic wand to save America, the first wave would be to wish all government subsidies out of agriculture and let prices go where they please. Sure, that would be cruel, mean, and unfair to many, but we must bring back small farmers and many, many home gardeners if America is to survive.

The fact is food is the first priority for survival and without it nothing else matters. With almost no bartering capacity and far too few people planting or even knowing how to plant, many in the future are going to starve. That is why sooner than we think there is going to be mass starving and rioting in the streets of America. If you got food, shelter, and warmeth you control your own destiny and are not at the mercy of outrageous prices.

Get your priorities straight America, or else! I double dog dare you! Yes, I have a container garden myself, anybody can, even in cities one can grow tomatoes, bell pepper, greens, etc. in a container garden. I see government spending money like crazy, like it is going out of style as if there is no tomorrow. When government becomes a provider for people or a business it is a survival time-bomb, it destroys a need for one to fend and depend on oneself.

Like a broken record I repeat, for over five thousand years the nuclear and extended family along with many small farmers and home gardeners existed as a last resort for human survival. However, recently big government and this liberal created welfare state as a provider has took away the need for a strong nuclear and extended family system along with many small farmers and home gardeners.

We are left with nothing and no means to survive if the economy collapses, except, maybe like animals slaving under the barrel of a gun. This is the way it really is, this day 23rd November 2008. The higher taxes go up the higher the cost of living on people go up, too, that is a law of economics. A free market place government can get away with raising taxes higher and higher for years, but eventually the people won’t be able to keep up with the galloping cost of living.

Not being able to keep up is where we are today, there is simply not enough people left with enough disposable income to buy new cars or hardly any other major purchase. The only solution is to drastically cut taxes and government spending; otherwise Mother Nature is going to step in and rebirth this whole system very soon.
A PHILOSOPHERS ANALYSIS CONCERNING THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY.Everything in some way is based on natural selection. And all natural selection is based on a survival need. So! What does that have to do with the price of tea in china, a lot? The deeper government gets involved in a free market place economy the less natural selection will take place.

Life itself is based on natural selections and rebirths because that is the only way to get rid of inefficiency and survival threats. If nothing is allowed to fail, in time the negatives and anti-survival threats will get stronger and stronger and over power everything. The sixty million dollar question is, how prepared are we to survival after an economical rebirth takes place, because nothing can continue to exist without failures and rebirths.

The only thing that is going to give this country a fighting chance of survival is for the government to cut taxes to the bone and get the hell out of the way and let the free market place save us, there can be no other way, period. To hell with the liberals, because soon there is not going to be any tax payers left to squeeze the last dollar out of for them to keep playing sweet sugar daddy provider, which should be the role of each nuclear family unit provider.

Something big is happening: scholars, world leaders, and movers and shakers all over the world is beginning to study and take serious the writing of Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.There is nothing innate about being a liberal. A many a liberal have been converted on the spot to a conservative when a robber slammed them upside the head and took their money or cleaned out their home.

All a liberal is is someone who is shallow, naive, and unaware of most threats to survival. In my view liberals with total unlimited power is like a kid behind the wheel


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  1. More tax and spend, bigger government, it's out of control. Hold onto your wallet.