Monday, January 12, 2009


Anyone familiar with my writing knows that I believe liberal policies have all but destroyed this great, great nation. But, the people have spoken and their will must prevail. Now, it is all out in the open, no one else to blame, no one else to accuse, and no where to hide. .All eyes will be focused on the liberals to see them create their promised better life.

Who am I to try to stand in their way. I love this great country and for the sake of it I hope they succeed for the benefit of all of us. I would love to be proven wrong on my fear for the survival of our individual freedoms. Something’s may be a blessing in disguise. The lord works in mysterious ways.

The conservative movement was already teetering and to try to recover by using a non-conservative may have been the end. But, now like a phoenix raising up out of the ashes a true conservative savior and conqueror will be born.

I believe no matter who wins the presidency within a year there is going to be mass civil disturbance and martial law in the United States. I hope and pray that I’m wrong. There is a lot I don’t know, but I do know with the economy collapsing down on us we can’t keep both our freedom and our welfare state.

Our once strong nuclear and extended family system, our once strong morals and family values, and our once fallback bartering capacity are all destroyed by this liberal created welfare state. Now, the only fallback way left to avoid total chaos is with the gun and martial law. No one has to believe or take me serious; I’m just one lone uneducated neurotic writer exercising his 1st amendment rights.

"A LIBERAL & WELFARE STATE DEPENDENT NIGHTMARE"I believe there is something sinister about so many people believing a tax break for the rich is something bad. No one should be taxed to death for government to star as super sugar daddy provider in this welfare state drama now playing. Our freedom and long term survival depends on government getting back to its designed role of defending the nation internally, externally, and providing only the things the citizens can’t do for themselves.

For over five thousand years governments always avoided a super provider role until recently. Then this self-destructing doomsday welfare state came about that destroys a nation's nuclear and extended family system. A strong nuclear and extended family system is the foundation and basic building block for any society and civilization to survive.

Our welfare state has almost destroyed our nuclear and extended family system, and no amount of money is going to save us unless we get rid of it and the minimum wage. Next to the welfare state I believe the minimum wage is the deadliest anti-survival threat the liberals have placed on this great nation. A minimum wage kills a free market place by not allowing any downward adjustment to save the system, thereby eventually forcing a total collapse.

It is like an overheated boiler with no way to turn or adjust the heat down, pow! I know my kind of thinking is scary and may seem extreme and nutty to ninety five percent of Americans. However, that is because I’m one of the very few that see the economy as only one leg of a four leg stool.

I understand the economy leg and its relationship to the other three legs of: The nuclear and extended family leg, the moral and family values leg, and the bartering capacity leg, which in total equals survival. Any leg too weak or missing will eventually cause the survival stool to collapse.A word to the wise concerning an old axiom. “Be careful what you pray for, you just might get it.” Good culture, responsibility, and accountability all goes hand in hand.

The last thing liberals and the masses of welfare state dependents want are to be held accountable without excuses, if they win; culturally speaking that is exactly what they may get and with no sympathy. Shallow spoiled Americans may be in for the wake up call of their life.

“I AM A NEUROTIC SURVIVAL”I guess I must be doing something right because I am assigning the term nemesis to someone that keep telling a neurotic joke. A dear beautiful charming nemesis continues to tell her neurotic joke. Being a neurotic survival I am somewhat sensitive about the joke. However, one plus is it forces me to practice my true Christian beliefs through positive thinking.

I just repeat a couple of positive thinking quotes to myself as needed: “May God bless her, or, I can wish all people goodwill no matter how they treat me.” .Since I have the floor, let me explain the positive thinking technique. You take any short quote and repeat it to yourself fifty times or more every day to change behavior. Neurotics feel guilty about looking at certain things, and that creates an overpowering awareness and distraction to mental avoid looking at that thing.

All I know is the mind tries to carry out the strongest image constantly presented to it and the more you fear you are going to do something the more likely it will happen.


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