Monday, January 12, 2009


Almost everybody is crying about high prices, but very few understand the real reason why prices for everything keep getting higher, not even most economist. I’ll tell you why, I’ll make it simple for the poor and those that think they know but doesn’t have a clue as to how an economy really works.

The first analogy is, “You can’t get blood out of a turnip,” meaning no business can keep charging higher and higher prices unless enough people have the money to pay, it’s impossible.From higher and higher taxes our welfare state as a super provider gives enough people on an individual basis enough money to keep prices high.

It is like a dog chasing its own tail when government becomes a social and family provider; it gives money to the poor to support higher and higher prices, then takes through taxes from other groups to gives even more money to support higher and higher prices for everyone in a never ending upward inflationary spiral. It is an unending skyward inflationary spiral that is impossible to stop under current conditions.

People will ask what about the poor they can’t survive without government help. Sure, government should provide community kitchens, community shelters, and community medical support but anything more than that is what has all but destroyed our nuclear family and culture. The poor would be far better off today if government was not a provider because then everything you buy would be dirt cheap with almost no taxes to pay, the reason is there is never enough rich and well-to-do people to keep high priced merchants in business.

Never forget that our businesses are our job providers, and they are bent over a barrel. Every business survives only if it makes a profit, no profit no business. The reason business prices are so high is out of their profit margin they have to pay salaries, federal income tax, state income tax, sales tax, unemployment tax, social security tax, property tax, school tax, special purpose tax, local option tax, hotel tax, a high business license fee, and other taxes and fees I can’t even think of, plus maintenance and upkeep.

After everybody else has been paid out of the same profit margin what is left for some retail businesses can be as low as three percent. And they still have to live and support them selves out of what’s left. So, when everybody is crying and groaning about why we can’t make ends meet, it is very simple, in my view big government as a super provider is taxing us to death and destroying this great nation.

The same ones crying the loudest are the same ones that keep voting the big spending tax raising liberal politicians back in office, how sad. I hear all of the terrible stuff going on; on Wall Street, but that will never take the US and western civilization back to the Stone Age. However, I will guarantee you if we don’t abandon our liberal welfare state, back to the Stone Age are where it's going to end.

It is our liberal welfare state that have destroyed our small farmer and home gardeners, our once strong nuclear family system, our once fierce independent frontier like spirit, our once uncompromising strong morals and values, and finally any last resort to barter to survive through hard times. Lord have mercy on this great nation. And 95 percent out there think I'm a nut case.

In economically terms it is not the amount of dollars that counts; it is the buying power of the dollar that really counts. That is why very few people realize that the more taxes a provider government takes to subsidize the poor with cash on an individual basis the higher merchant prices will raise. And as prices for everything go up, the ratio of dollar buying power continues down. Depending solely on government as a permanent provider is an illusion.

As I have said many times, no one, no economist or anyone can truly visualize how an economy should work unless he understands the bartering foundation, I do. It is simple folks, freedom and democracy cannot survive our super provider government appetite. We are rapidly headed toward full socialism or some other form of authoritarian rule. We refuse to abandon the welfare state, so there is no stopping our march to full socialism.

The countdown has begun, can our freedom survive? I know ninety five percent of the people won’t understand or agree with my thinking on this, but that is what’s so great about this great country, I still have the freedom to say things that are different and not disappear in the middle of the night.God I ask in your name, save the great United States of America.

Lately I hear a lot of talk about a lack of experience from all corners, but experience is not always the most important thing. Sound judgment can be equally and even more important in terms of survival. Sure, experience is important and there is no substitute for it, but experience in what? The answer to that question is what has sold this country down the river.

There are far too many progressive liberals of both political parties with vast experience in welfare state thinking. And don’t forget the shallow minded mostly liberal news media that is only interesting in hype and sensationalism.In my view anyone that is for a strong national defense and for protecting babies in the womb at all cost is proof of someone with a strong survival instinct and can be trusted.

A strong survival instinct includes safeguarding and protecting future generations, not like most me first liberals that place self-interest and pleasure above all. In terms of future survival one with a strong survival instinct will have the wisdom to do what will save the most and not get lost in extremes. The country is always in safe hands when a genuine conservative is near the steering.

I’m paraphrasing when I agree with William F. Buckley, Jr. on “preferring to be governed by the first thousand people in the New York city phone book than a group of college professors.” And in this case I definably would rather be governed by someone with common sense and a strong survival instinct than any professional Washington politician that has sold this country down the river by tax forcing our jobs and industry out of the country. Amen.

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