Monday, January 12, 2009


I agree with a lot of what Congressman Ron Paul is saying about the economical conditions of this country. However, maybe it is because he is a politician, but I don’t think he goes near far enough on stressing solutions. Stressing Solutions are my greatest strength even if ninety five percent of the people don’t agree with them.

I don’t just believe it, I know eliminating almost all taxes on businesses is the only thing that will save our economy. One cannot be taught the supernatural wisdom I have, it is destiny born from struggle and suffering. A one man observation (me) concerning the recently enacted bailout plan. In my view nothing has been done to save our civilization from doom. I believe the only thing accomplished was more lost of freedom and a step closer to full socialism.

The only thing it proved was the US. Government is not going to jettison any excess baggage to save itself, but instead is going to try to get everybody into one life boat, which means in the end the country and everybody goes down.The core problem with this whole economy is, there is fewer and fewer people left with any money to spend, Thanks to liberal politicians from both parties.

Due to the choking tax burden on businesses the cost of everything you buy is almost out of sight, yet the wanting something nothing general public keep voting the same big spenders and tax raisers back in office. The only thing that can save our civilization is to cut all taxes to the bone and slowly wean people off the dole.

However, there is little chance of that ever happening because big government has tasted and is drunk on the power of being a super provider, never, never will they cede one inch of their power back to the people. Folks, that is just the way it is, in my view there is absolutely no way to save this nation and western civilization without abandoning our welfare state.

We are on our last leg, we are in the final stage, we are about to go over the cliff, we are about to meet our maker, time is running out, the lighting is about to strike, it’s fixing to go down, the swan song is playing, there will be no tomorrow, or some other metaphor best express my belief. Without rebuilding our culture, our nuclear family system, and a minimum capacity to barter, we simply cannot survive when hard times come, and believe me they are on the way.

As long as this choking tax burden on businesses stay in place its not going to matter what wall street or the federal government does, this economy is still going to collapse, because not enough people have money left to spend for circulation, its that simple. I hear all of this, who done what on Wall Street, sure, somebody should be punished but to me that is only a catalyst and sideshow. Human nature is what it is, we all too some degree is controlled by greed and self-interest.

Only a physical gold standard or a genuine gold backup standard will provide the necessary discipline to control greed and self-interest. For over five thousand years a gold standard or back up gold standard is what safeguarded a nation’s culture, nuclear family system, and backup bartering capacity in case the economy collapsed. Now, our culture and everything else is shot all to hell.

However, like electricity, greed and self-interest is dangerous but it is not your enemy, there is no greater motivating and energizing force on earth than greed and self-interest. Without greed and self-interest at work no country can become or stay rich and prosperous, in fact these are the forces that make a democracy more successful than any other form of government.

The key is to harness these forces, but never shut them down completely like in a communist or socialist form of government.I wash my pen hand of this matter, and pray that I’m wrong.

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