Sunday, February 8, 2009


UPDATE: Anybody that thinks this new stimulus package is going to save us is in for a very rude awakening. All it is going to do is make the “Cost of living boogie man” angrier. It is going to be like adding a JTO (Jet assisted takeoff) bottle to the galloping cost of living and bring the buying power of the dollar down two extra notches. I believe nothing short of mass across the board tax cuts is going to save the dollar from being worth less than the paper it is printed on, eventually.

CAUTION: Stop! Don’t read this article! Take my advice! Trust me! You are going to read it anyway, so, do it at your own risk. I’m going to do some real thinking out loud here and it ain’t going to be pretty. I’m going to imagine what is in the heads of the economists running the whole show. These people are very intelligent with lot of knowledge on doing what they do.

These guys know that I’m probably right on saying the “galloping cost of living” is the real problem that is destroying the economy. But, just even mentioning that as a problem is taboo in economic circles. Just the thought of dealing with something like that will leave economist shaking in their boots because of the dreaded “D” word and that is the last thing they want to even mention.

The biggest difference between them and me is these guys think they can out smart and cheat Mother Nature, I don’t. They think they can put off the day of reckoning forever, I don’t. These people are not dumb, they know we can’t keep borrowing and printing worthless money but only so long. But they are in a state of denial with no one wanting to face or deal with the dreaded “D” word.

We are now almost down to day to day economical survival. The liberal with their created welfare state has produced millions upon millions of government dependents that can’t survive if the government runs out of cash, so the presses press on. Anyone with an ounce of common sense knows it can only end is disaster, yet the presses drone on. We are only following suit.

Never in history has a nation knowing it is headed toward disaster changed course. I’m telling you now the die is cast, the “Cost of living boogie man” and the dwindling buying power of the dollar can’t be ignored, and that is what’s taking this nation down. Deflation like any imaginary ogre is mostly a fa├žade, all one has to do is face it down and it will mostly go away on its own.

In fact deflation is nature’s way of bringing sanity and rebirth to a society when it is rotting away with moral and other kinds of decay. The smartest thing this government can do is face reality and prepare for the inevitable. I know its bitter medicine but if we want to survive it must be taken. Practical all farm subsidies should be eliminated to force people to learn how and start planting because survival always at some point boils down to having enough food to eat.

When deflation comes and believe me it is coming, it is going to be like a fast moving wild fire. We will have very little time and one last chance to prevent going back to the Stone Age. The last chance would be to have mass tax cuts across the board that would produce the necessary fire break to stop runaway deflation from destroying everything.

The government should be prepared to cut off all spending except internal and external defense, departments of treasure, interior, and one or two others. Provide soup kitchens, home shelters, hospitals, and other bare necessities, everyone else are on their own. That is why the nuclear family system is so important. I know my kind of thinking is extreme, outrageous, and out of the question, but when it comes to survival, to me nothing is out of the question.

Let just pray that I’m off my rocker and forget you read this. God save America



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  2. Do you realize how many men will be in prison or owe millions?

    Think about whats coming....OMG
    Scroll down on this page!

  3. They are just buying time, the rats know they are drowning. By flooding the markets with worthless scrip, they hope to take the world down with them, and level the playing field. No matter how many lives it cost!

  4. Deflation is going to happen. I believe especially in pseudo essentials like cable television upgrades, internet & cellphone subscriptions, hotel rooms, magazine sales and jewelry.