Saturday, February 14, 2009


A THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:“Hell has no fury like a woman scorned.” Well, I could be wrong, but I suspect at some point soon the liberals will find that “Hell has no fury like a free press waking up and seeing the light.” I suspect the “Free press” is among the living and still wants to survive, too. The coffee sure smells great.

The biggest misconception that almost everyone including economist have today is the government can manage a successful economy, false. Government never has and never will be able to manage a successful economy that can feed its entire people. There is a tried and true economical ideology that have proven time after time that it always work, except for one thing, the government has to get the hell out of the way and stay the hell out of the way.

That ideology is “allow free competition and let the free market place work.” That ideology will always work and produce more food than the country can eat and an abundance of everything else. The reason governments will never be able to manage a successful economy is there is just too many variables and many of them are subjective.

To name just a few of the many variables that will derail a successful economy, they are, who you know, who gets hurt, who has power, and who is under the desk, stop, disregard that last one, how did that get in there? When allowed to “A genuine free market place” will use a natural selection process better known as supply and demand to create a balance between the merchant and the consumer. The natural selection process is not hindered by subjective feeling and emotions and will weed out waste, inefficiency, and unproductively.

However, government management is just the opposite, it is all about favoritism thereby rewarding the inefficient and unproductive. To sum it up, government should stay with what it does best, collect taxes due and protect the country. If left alone the merchants and consumes will adhere to a natural selection process and untold wealth will be produced by entrepreneurs for all. It is not the amount of money that counts it is the buying power that counts; under the gold standard $5.00 in the past would buy more than fifty dollars today.

There is a reason why most of the world is poor and will always be poor, the government has the power and the gun and will not stay out of the way. Sure, the poor will always need help, but that should be the role of the nuclear family, the extended family, the church, and social organizations. Amen brother.

Me, I’ve never pretended to be unbiased. I classify myself to be a realist, or even an extremist throwback. In my personal opinion I view liberals with total power like a kid behind the wheel, and even scarier is they are now in charge of the candy store. I believe that the only thing that truly matters to them is feeding the “Welfare state beast” that they have created along with some liberal republicans. It is to hell with the survival of the country or anything else.

It is not because they don’t give a damn. They really do care; they are genuine bleeding hearts with other people’s money. I love all people including liberals, they are good Americans, and truly mean well. It’s just that they are shallow and don’t know it due to the lack of any true life or death survival struggle. It's not all their fault, the welfare state breeds them. I just don’t believe liberals have the depth or wisdom to handle total power.

For years the liberals have been experts at shifting and placing blame. Now, all you hear is bipartisanship. The reason is the liberals know that their shell game without the pea will be exposed if they go it alone. That's what all of the bipartisanship ruckus is about. They don’t need but two or three liberals from the opposition that they can easily pick up, but, oh no, there must be bipartisanship. If they thought the voter would buy their raw exposed ideology they would gladly go it alone.
A hundred years ago probably the only place you could find a liberal would be in a rich family or maybe on a collage campus. Today liberals run academia and control most institutions in America. God save America.

From time to time through out history individuals and nations has had to rediscover a basic law of nature, that law is “There are no free rides ultimately someone always pay one way or another.” Life can become unrealistic in terms of dreams, fantasies, eliminating all pain and suffering and on and on, but the one thing that always brings us back to ground is cold steel reality. sometimes pain and suffering is the only thing that will get people's attention.

Without some hardship along with pain and suffering we all would lose sight of reality and self destruct. With this global economy nonsense it looks like the whole world is going to have to rediscovery this basic law of nature. However, it looks like the liberals in America are getting everything they can while the getting is good as if there is no tomorrow.

After years of running their shell game successful the liberals have finally hit the jack pot. They have created enough “Expecting something for nothing dependent minded voter” to get almost everything they want. It does look like the Lib’s are now unstoppable, but, never forget that rock hard cold steel reality is lurking out there somewhere. There is no such thing as “Something for nothing” in this world. God save America.


  1. Such a nice blog. Keep Blogging.

  2. Now you know how we liberals have felt for the last 8 years. Tell me again how we got into this mess. Let me see. Could it have been a Republican Congress that ran up a trillion dollar deficit? Could it have been deregulation mindset asleep at the switch that let the subprime craziness run unchecked? We liberals certainly have our issues, but tax and spend at least makes more sense than don't tax and what the hell, spend it anyway.

  3. Amazing.

    The blog is interesting but your bio is fascinating.
    I've just looked at your list of published works. Inspiring.


  4. Yeah I'm with Windroot; it's funny, the Republicans are whining about this stimulus package saying things like: "We're leaving a terrible debt that our children will have to pay back."

    What I'd like to know is, where was that concern when they were running up a $700 Billion dollar deficit fighting an unjustifiable and illegal war?

    Nice post, got me just angry enough to reply :D

  5. The socialist mindset, now in play in Washington, is about to lead us down the Primrose Path, right to the edge of the cliff, then over it. The coming Depression has all the trappings of the Great Depression of the 1930s. After the '29 market crash, 1930 was still a pretty good business year, before the slide started in earnest. By the time Roosevelt got in, and applied his socialist laboratory, despair really took over, with unemployment shooting to 25% in 1933. As late as 1940--last full year before WW II started--unemployment was still nearly 20%.
    I wonder if the history books will ever be corrected to show that it wasn't FDR who got us out of the last Depression, it was WW II and the enormous expansion of productive capacity it engendered.

  6. We have to learn how to spend money wisely. If we do we could probably obtain to resources to produce some of our own products and services. Until then, we just are going to spend money for things.