Sunday, March 15, 2009


I believe more and more people are viewing me, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. as a great thinker. Myself, I certainly think I’m a great thinker even if no one else does. In the field of economics I haven’t studied or read hardly anything on the subject, but, about forty years ago I seen in a pamphlet that “All economies start with bartering.”

That was all it took for my great thinking ability to take it from there and understand how economics in its relationship to motivation in tune with the laws of nature like “Natural selection” played out. Even today almost everyone thinks America’s biggest problem is the economy, wrong. A bad or even a collapsed economy could never bring down a great nation with a strong culture and moral code in place.

The economy is just one leg of the human survival stool. The other three legs are number one, culture with good morals and values, number two, a strong nuclear family system, and number three, a minimum fall back emergency bartering capacity utilizing small farmers and home gardeners. The welfare state has destroyed all of that; all we have left is a sugar daddy welfare state with millions upon millions solely dependent on it for survival.

The Roman Empire lasted a thousand years and nothing since has even come close to that. Since the come about of fiat money around forty years ago culture has gotten lost in the shuffle, before then culture and values stayed on the front burner to keep nations and individuals living within their means. Culture is what really protects a nation and its way of life.

Fiat money has allowed the welfare state to corrupt our once strong culture and moral values to the point that now “If it feels good do it.” Someone with a super strong survival instinct like me belongs in the zoo or some place like that according to political correctness, how sad. It is never too late, we still have time to cut taxes to the bone and relearn to depend and rely on our self’s instead of big government.

Otherwise, mother nature is going to discipline us and it won’t be pretty, there may not be a one United States again, ever. God save the great United States of America.

Even Mother Nature herself is not out there just free wheeling it. Nature operates on set laws and principals with just a few we know of. Thanks to Darwin who was the first to recognize nature’s law of “Natural selection.” There is a natural law of “The survival of the strongest and the fittest.” And the “Tendency to take the course of least resistance” even applies to things like electricity.

However, there is nothing in nature completely absolute; there is an exception to everything. That is why in nature things will happen that seem impossible to the human mind. To the human mind even our existence itself is impossible. We are like human computers programmed with logic, we are boxed in with our intelligence limited to only logic. With only logic it is impossible for us to ever understand our existence.

Logically speaking there must be a God, a superior being, or infinite levels of intelligence. Sorry, I just got a little carried away in my brainstorming.

Before the “New Deal” started our welfare state the American people respected the laws of nature. They knew one rotten apple would spoil the barrel. People don’t think of it that way but that old saying is really a law of nature. How can the United States think it can prosper when it ignores so many of the laws of nature? If one doesn’t pay for his own sins we all will end up paying like the rest of the apples in a barrel.


  1. Me interesó mucho el comentario y creo que está muy acertado. En mi blog tengo notas sobre crisis financiera y crisis económica, la caída del águila que representa a los Estados Unidos, la gran crisis de 1929 - 1930 y mi lectura de la novela "Las uvas de la ira", entre otros temas.
    Mi respetuoso saludo.

    I was very interested and I think that comment is very true. In my blog I have notes on financial crisis and economic crisis, the collapse of the eagle representing the United States, the great crisis of 1929 - 1930 and my reading of the novel "The Grapes of Wrath," among other topics.
    My respectful greeting.

  2. Right on!! Aaand the present Administration is expanding welfare even further. The sad part is the people looking for a free ride think it's wonderful; they can't see that the more the government gives, the more it can take away.