Saturday, February 28, 2009


In one of my book almost twenty years ago in jest I gave this simple solution for dealing with illegal drugs, change the currency. But now, it presents a greater opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. Most street transactions for illegal drugs are twenty dollars or less. So, why not just phase out the 5, 10, and 20 dollar paper bills, with 5, 10, and 20 dollar coins with their value in itself in precious metals.

It would be the wisest thing this government could do because the paper dollar is going to become worthless anyway. Sure, it would be a terrible inconvenience for businesses, but a nightmare for drug dealers trying to hide their illegal profits. Besides, most people use checks, debit cards, or credit cards anyway. However, I don’t expect this tactic to be taken seriously, I just felt like doing a little brainstorming anyway, who knows, it may provoke thoughts to a real solution.Originally all currency had its value in itself. The currency consisted of precious metals like gold and silver. With the price of copper today a pure copper penny would certainly be worth more than one cent. If the value of our money was in the money itself the welfare state couldn’t just inflate the people’s wealth out of existence.

Anyone holding paper that represents wealth may not be wealthy six months from today the way things seems to be headed. Laws or anything else on paper are no stronger than the culture and moral values backing them up. I’m telling you now our welfare state beast is master and no law or anything else is going to stop politicians from feeding this beast.

The real solution is to starve this beast to death, it lives on tax money, but, it may too late now half of the country wants this beast to live and take care of them. Who knows, I may be the same as David but with a pen.

Like the movie when the villain comes out of the computer into real life, it seems the government has stolen the kid’s monopoly game and took their money. What is the difference? The government now just prints money as it sees fit; money no longer represents spent human energy resulting from blood, sweat, and tears.

If the government wants to buy park place or boardwalk it just prints what it need and make the purchase. We all know monopoly is a make believe kids game, but now it has come out of fantasy land into real life in terms of U.S. currency.

When will we wake up from this dream? My God! Stop, stop the tape! Let’s snap out of this insanity! Doesn’t anyone have an ounce of wisdom anymore? “Send in the clowns." Hallelujah! Long live the king! The show is over, let’s go home. Is this fact or fiction? The end is near.

PS: Folks, in case you are wondering about my sanity, I know a guaranteed way how not to ever go off the deep end and lose touch with reality. Never forget that it is impossible for anyone to go crazy or insane as long as he can genuine love and forgive others, no matter how he is treated in return, I can. Yours truly, by Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr.

I heard this question the other day; will they ever address Washington’s spending? I decided to give my answer to that question, my answer is no. This is my reasoning on why, there is no limit to man’s desires and self-interest, but, there is always a physical barrier somewhere to stop him. The gold standard done that! The gold standard was the physical barrier that disciplined a nation by purging out anti-survival threats to the culture and moral values.

The thing that very few today has the wisdom to understand is money is not the thing that determines whether a nation survives or perishes. Peoples and societies survived for thousands of years even before money was invented and even through the great depression when very few people had any. The liberals could never have destroyed this nation before the new deal and social programs begin because the culture and moral values were much too strong, their frontier like spirit wouldn’t have put up with it.

No, the free handout to buy vote had to first corrupt the nations culture, morals, and family values first. Now, the liberals have the power for the take down! I think far too many people are too shallow to recognize a moral or survival threat when they see it. The wolf is at the door and most people don’t even know it, their faith is in uncle sugar.

I understand why people think I don’t care when I call for draconian tax cuts and eliminating farm subsidies. That is because I have the wisdom to know beyond a shadow of doubt that the people must relearn to depend on themselves for this nation to survive. Mass tax cuts across the board would restore our culture, morals, and family values. No amount of money is going to save this nation. Only forced relearning to survive on our own as individual units is going to do that.

God save this great nation, it is in your hand.


  1. Exactly. Because we as a nation havent learned from the past depressions we have fallen right back into this vicious cycle.

  2. Your statement "People must relearn to depend on themselves for this nation to survive" is the solution for the present chaos" is a good suggestion for the govt to note.